12 - 13 March 2020
Multipurpose Hall, Sabah State Library HQ, Kota Kinabalu

This is a workshop designed to introduce Communication for Development (C4D) to Sabah Environmental Education Network (SEEN) members. It will provide participants with an overview of what C4D is and how it works through communication objectives that focus on knowledge, attitude and practice to bring about desired behaviour change in order to achieve programme goals.

Focus will be placed on identifying the different levels of stakeholders who can influence desired behaviour change. The workshop will also touch on the importance of formative research (situation analysis) that would lead to designing effective communication messages and the monitoring of the implementation plan. This will strengthen the knowledge of SEEN members in effectively planning communication interventions that address behaviour change, for example, Sabahans understand plastic straws can harm marine life when wrongly disposed and then make it a practice to bring their own re-usable straws or reject plastic straws when offered at restaurants, rather than just a programme goal to reduce the use of plastic straws among the local population.

This is a facilitated workshop that is designed for participants to work in groups in order to understand the key concepts introduced.